Monday, November 12, 2012

getting excited!

Is it a bad thing that I'm already excited for Christmas? 

With (only!) six weeks to go, I've been busy thinking about holiday shopping, travel plans, cookie recipes and of course, Christmas craft projects! My husband and I live in Texas but are flying home to New York for the holiday to visit our families, so gift shopping and giving are tricky. Previously, I've tried to buy small things for everyone to make fitting gifts in my suitcase easy, but this year I'm going to shop online and ship anything I buy directly to my parents' house, where I'll spend Christmas Eve furiously wrapping.

Of course, craft stores have been building and expanding their holiday offerings since September, and while I haven't (yet) caved to home decor supplies, I've been hard at work on my annual hand-made ornaments. (I'll post some from years past soon.)

A few weeks ago, a fleeting thought crossed my mind: "How can I make beaded snowflake ornaments? They would be so pretty!" I've worked a little bit with wire in the past, experimenting with a range of gauges to find out what would bend easily but still support weight, so I thought that might work and set out to find some examples online. After a bit of googling and Etsy browsing, I came across something even better: pre-made wire snowflake forms!

Score! I immediately ordered a bunch on Amazon and impatiently waited for them to arrive in the mail. (None of my local craft stores appeared to carry them.) In the mean time, I stocked up on beads, taking full advantage of sales and coupons.

Husband sees me come in with bags from Target and Michael's: "I thought you just went out to get toilet paper...?"
Me: "Well, Michael's is right next door, so I stopped in there quickly too..."
Husband: "More beads?" ::Sigh::

It's ok. He loves me.

Anyway, with all my supplies gathered, I was ready to start crafting! Here's a look at a few of my favorites so far...

This snowflake is available in my Etsy store!

This snowflake is available in my Etsy store!

This snowflake is available in my Etsy store!

This snowflake is available in my Etsy store!

I have a big window in my office at work, so I brought a few in to hang up. They really sparkle and shine in the morning sunlight!

So, fellow crafters: what are you making for the holidays this year? What's the best thing you've made recently? 

Non-crafters: do you like getting home-made gifts or do you wish we'd just give you the real thing?

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